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Welcome to our NEW AND IMPROVED travelogue for our past, present and future travels. This site includes stories and dairy entries for our round the world tour in 1999-2000, and also information for additional trips we have taken since then. We kept the diary during our tour around the globe to keep up to date with our family, friends, and to hopefully give some helpful tips for other people interested in a similar adventure.

Hey, we got married! We've been kind of busy with our wedding website but things are finally getting updated. For the honeymoon we went to Alaska, and we've created a photo album on another site primarily due to me running out of space here).

Check out the best hockey team in Ottawa - The Ottawa Hitmen.

Ontario (Canada) camping information, photos, etc. can be found by following this link:If you have any comments or tips then give us a heads up!

Our damn kitties are still here, Misha and Clio.

The original purpose of the site was to track our travels through Europe, South East Asia, and Australia/New Zealand from September 1999 through to April, 2000. Luckily, our jobs involve some degree of travel so we still get to see new places but don't have to pay for them.

The site is broken down like this:

  • The Destination List (below) will give you information about the destinations that we have compiled (mainly from online sources).
  • The Diary will have up to date info about where we are, how we're doing, and where we've been screwed. Old entries that relate to countries are moved to make space for new ones and are found in that countries information page. This hasn't been updated for awhile, since we're not travelling as much.
  • The Links section has a lot of on line info that we used for research before we left (i.e. country and city info, travel sites, etc.) Some links have gone down, although we haven't had the time to fix them all.
  • Sign the Guestbook to leave comments or suggestions.
Destination List

Prague, Czech Republic (1999)
Vienna and Graz, Austria (1999)
Slovenia (1999)
Venice, Italy (1999)
Budapest, Hungary (1999)
Western Turkey (1999)
Bali, Indonesia (1999)
Malaysia and Singapore (1999)
NSW, Victoria and Queensland Australia (2000)
New Zealand (2000)
Ottawa, Ontario and Mt. Tremblant, Quebec(February 2001 and Present)
Toronto, Ontario Canada (2001)
Argentina (mainly the North-West) - (2001, 2002, 2003)
Costa Rica (2002)
Victoria, BC Canada (2003)
Ontario Camping Info
Honeymoon Photos

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